I play with fire and acid.

That should be my job description. In fact, I want it on a t-shirt.

What sets Gray Hat Creations apart from fine jewelers? I want my pieces to be something that doesn't just sit in a drawer only to be dusted off for special occasions. I want it to be worn frequently either as a reminder of someone special or as that personal 'aha' moment that comes from finding that piece of expression that speaks to you.

I have twenty (20) years of experience as a hobby metalsmith. I have earned awards at both Western Illinois University and the Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College Artisan Center for my works in metal jewelry and sculpture. My designs are based on classic styles that are always accepted in fashion culture - pearls, simple gemstone pendants, lockets, etc. We also offer custom artisan jewelry that is a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

An 'About me' page wouldn't be complete without thanks to my family for all their support. My husband has spent over 15 years, wondering what my tools do and waiting patiently until I finally decided to make a business out of it. He has been my best source of advice, encouragement, and website development. My kids have understood as they have learned that making things is cool, but selling them takes a lot of work. And soda. Lots and lots of soda.

Heartfelt appreciation goes to my parents, who have always supported our family's creativity. And a thank you, finally, to my siblings & friends who have given feedback, showed me how Facebook works, and continue to promote sci-fi.

Candi Teachman, owner & artist of Gray Hat Creations, L.L.C.