My artistic story is pretty simple:
I play with fire and acid.

For those of you who want the long version….

I worked in publishing and advertising as a Graphic Designer/Art Director for about fifteen years. I met my husband in college, didn’t meet him again until three years later, married and we share our lives with our two kids, two dogs and two cats. 

During college, I took a metalsmithing class, and it was like learning magic. If you don't know, metalsmithing is the skill and craft of shaping metal into whatever you can imagine. Melt, hammer, etch, drill, saw and file metal into jewelry pieces. The year I graduated I took home two awards from the student exhibition and kept jewelry making as a hobby [read: obsession] ever since. 

In 2019, my ever-supportive husband gave me the idea to approach jewelry making as a business instead of just an occasional outler, and Gray Hat Creations, L.L.C. came to life. I attended the local small business course, set-up an online store and I was ready to step forward. I had planned 2020 as a brand debut, but most art shows were cancelled due to this thing called COVID-19. Despite that, I took home second place in an exhibit at the Neville Public Museum (the day before it was under lockdown), and I discovered that virtual shows are fantastic opportunities to reach potential customers and connect with others having the same difficulties.

I also used networking to built connections that I thought would take years to cultivate, and working with a couple of other artists I co-founded Makers Together: an organization that helps small business artisans through social, educational and community support. We’ve pushed each other to increase our online presence and persevere in the absence of traditional sales mediums while understanding how tough it is to be an artist and a business owner. 

So now it’s 2021, and I intend to kick butt as this business moves forward. I am working toward my first year of measurable sales goals; they're actually measurable, I can’t tell you how excited I am about that! Makers Together is flexing into the community with in-person educational opportunities. And I’ve worked on some custom projects that make me so proud to have kept doing this. Cheers!